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Wormfert Worm Tea - - - [2ltr Bottle]

Wormfert Worm Tea - - - [2ltr Bottle]

Worm Tea, also known as ‘liquid gold’, is a magical elixir that provides billions of good microbes such as fungi, and helpful, nitrogen-fixing bacteria to your plants and veggies. You don’t see these good microbes in synthetic liquid fertilisers, so nothing beats this recipe from mother nature. 

Worm Tea is a liquid supplement for plants. Similarly, by introducing a higher count of good bacteria to your plant’s soil, beneficial microbial activity is immediately kickstarted. Organic matter is broken down more rapidly, helping build good soil structure that increases vital soil aeration, moisture and nutrient absorption and storage, healthier soil and ultimately boosts your harvest of organically grown veggies!


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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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