Shipping Policy

Here at Garden Box, we like to make sure our products get to you as fast and safe as possible. We will do our best to arrange a shipping solution.

  • Shipping charges are calculated and displayed at checkout by the carriers, weigh and fixed rate.
  • Products will shipping with 5-7 days.


Garden Box Limited (“GBL”) provides a delivery service of bulk and bagged products direct to its customer’s property or job site.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all information it provides to GBL in advance of delivery is accurate, complete, and up to date. GBL does not accept liability for any loss, theft, or damage to the goods after delivery.

Delivery charges may vary due to the properties of some products; for example - weight, volume, cross contamination etc. Heavy products such as aggregates, decorative pebbles and stones may require more than one delivery.

Where multiple products are ordered, wherever possible, GBL will provide a Tandem / split-load (more than one product on the truck) where two bulk products are included on the same truck, saving the cost of two delivery fees, an additional surcharge is added for the extra time taken to set up and unload.

Note we are limited to the weight and volume capacity of the truck – the Garden Box team will advise options. For some orders more than one delivery may be necessary. A delivery fee will be charged for each delivery.

In cases where special delivery requirements exist; for example - access is restricted, a small truck is required, a narrow driveway, width or height restrictions etc., more than one delivery may be necessary. A delivery fee will be charged for each delivery.

If necessary, prior to delivery, CLS’s customer service team will contact a customer to discuss delivery of an order, including special delivery requirements, delivery options etc. Any variation to the original delivery instructions and/or charges must be approved by the customer prior to delivery.

Restrictions or limitations that exist at a specified delivery point or job site may affect CLS’s ability to meet a customer’s delivery instructions. While every effort will be made to place the delivery in your requested location, actual delivery point will be at the sole discretion of the delivery driver.

CLS’s responsibility for the delivery of product ceases at the kerbside of the delivery point or job site. If a customer instructs GBL to cross a footpath or enter private property to make a delivery, the customer must provide safe and adequate access. Any damage to public or private property resulting from the customer’s instructions are the customer’s responsibility.

Contact Garden Box for details.

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