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Wormfert Worm Castings - - - [10ltr Bag]

Wormfert Worm Castings - - - [10ltr Bag]

Vermi-Compost is all natural Organic Worm Castings, ODOUR FREE which is ideal for use on vegetable gardens, potted plants, and flowering plants or fruit trees.

100% organic which means Vermi Compost is a healthier alternative for you and your family when used on edible crops.- promoting growth, acting as a natural pesticide, and increasing rates of germination.

  • Improved Soil Structure - help improve the structure and porosity of the soil.
  • Increase Soil Moisture - holding capacity of the soil, which reduces water and nutrient loss.
  • PH Perfertly Balanced - will not burn or damage plants.


Can be used on lawns at 20kg per 1000 sq metres annually. Use a handful of compost around potted plants, annuals or vegies. Vermi Compost can also make up to 25% volume of potting soil for seed germination.



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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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