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Wine Barrel Used - Half 110ltr

Wine Barrel Used - Half 110ltr

These barrels have come straight from Malborough winery’s and been used for wine.  Holds 110ltr - 45cm tall and 70cm wide

Ideal for planters.  Suggested process to set up wine barrel for planting

  1. Drill 6-7 25mm holes in the bottom for drainage
  2. Lay mesh to stop any mix from falling through. If using fabric mesh, cut a circle and staple to the bottom. If using a wire mesh, cut big enough to just cover each individual hole and staple in place. A cheaper option is to place a stone over each hole, small enough to release water but big enough to stop soil dropping through the hole.
  3. Add a liner - will hold the soils moisture and may prolong the life of the barrel as the wood will not be constantly wet for the soil.  Options - black polythene sheet, a large black plant pot or growbag.  Make sure holes line up for drainage.
  4. Add soil - you will need 100ltrs- recommend Potting / tub mix as it contains slow release fert and wetting agents.

We also have access to full barrels

Due to the size local delivery only - contact the office of options


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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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