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Silt Fence Kit - - - [25m kit]

Silt Fence Kit - - - [25m kit]


A. Orange SiltFence 1m x 25m roll

B. 13 Timber Stakes 45mm x 45mm x 1200mm

C. Danline Rope 30m

D. Fencing Staples 30pk & SiltFence Pins 75mm 100pk

E. Installation Guidelines & Best Practices

  • High visibility silt barrier
  • Meets local authority requirements
  • Compliant with GD05
  • Easy installation

The SiltFence Kit is a handy sized bundle including all accessories required to complete 25m of Silt Fencing. It is approved by the Auckland Council and meets local authority requirements. This kit is easy for any DIYer to install, please see the downloads section for the installation guideline.

Cirtex® SiltFence is a high visibility silt barrier to prevent silt from washing into the water ways from your site. It is perfect for areas of low visibility or high-traffic where extra caution needs to be taken. It consists of strong, chemically stable, long-chain synthetic polymer materials for reliability. SiltFence is UV stabilized woven silt control fabric that is rot and heat resistant.

Reliable and proven in large-scale civil infrastructure projects you’ll have confidence that this Silt-film Silt fence will filter out solids while enabling water flow. 


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TYPE:Silt Control

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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