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NZLA Wetter Granular (Covers 300m2) - - - [4.5kg]

NZLA Wetter Granular (Covers 300m2) - - - [4.5kg]

Wetter GR (Granular)

  • Assists penetration of water into hydrophobic soils
  • Provides uniform wetting to enhance efficiency of fertiliser and pesticides
  • Ideal for use at renovation
  • Non ionic surfactant
  • Low application rate compared to other products on the market
  • Long-term release

Does not require irrigation after application as rain and normal irrigation is sufficient.

Application rate: 1.5kg per 100m2 monthly or up to 3.3kg per 100m2 for a season long (10-12 week) application.

If you're following the NZLA Application Guide we recommend applying 1.5kg per 100m2 as a replacement for NZLA WETTER when irrigation cannot be achieved.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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