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NZLA Wetter 3W (Covers 400m2) - - - [1ltr]

NZLA Wetter 3W (Covers 400m2) - - - [1ltr]

Wetter 3W is considered the professional turf industry’s finest wetting agent. Three-way root zone water management: Penetration, lateral spreading and the ability to rehydrate hydrophobic soils.

Wetter 3W works in three ways:

  • Long-chained Polymer – Aids water availability and consistency of wetting.
  • Residual Surfactant – Overpowers hydrophobicity and boosts re-wetting (NZLA Wetter molecule)
  • Penetrant Surfactant – Improves initial wetting performance.



Apply 250ml/100m² every four weeks during the growing season. Apply in a minimum of 4L-10L of water for every 100m.

To apply, use a knapsack sprayer with a fan nozzle (opt for the red nozzle if it’s from Solo). 

During application, aim to minimise overlap to prevent unnecessary wastage. Walk at a steady, normal pace – neither too fast nor too slow – to ensure even distribution of Wetter 3W for maximum effectiveness. While visibility might be challenging, the leaves will take on a waxy appearance, serving as a visual guide.

For the summer months, it’s best to apply in the early morning or late evening to avoid high temperatures. To conserve water, time the application just before scheduled rainfall. Alternatively, you can irrigate with 10-15mm of water to rinse off the foliage.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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