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NZLA RSR Ryegrass (Recover, Spread, Regenerate Lawn Seed) - - - [10kg]

NZLA RSR Ryegrass (Recover, Spread, Regenerate Lawn Seed) - - - [10kg]

Families with an active lifestyle, larger pets, and extensive outdoor play areas can cause significant stress on conventional lawns. NZLA RSR presents a solution with a turf that has exceptional traffic tolerance, resilience, and density. For those needing a robust, drought and frost-resistant Perennial Ryegrass variety that maintains a high standard of turf quality even under heavy usage, RSR is for you.

NZLA RSR – Recover, Spread, Regenerate – is a tough, resilient form of perennial ryegrass. Across the soil, the plant spreads horizontally via stolons, giving the turf extra footholds in the ground, making it stronger and quicker to recover. This grass can handle heavy use, making it ideal for sports fields, parks and well-used family backyards.

RSR can be mixed into existing turf species; it also has the fast growth rate of other perennial ryegrasses. RSR has determinate stolons that form a very dense sward, and undesired grasses such as Poa struggle to get through.

Key highlights of RSR:

  • Quick establishment
  • Suitable for shade
  • Extremely high wear tolerance
  • Meso and Etho can be used as pre and post-emergents.

The sowing rate is 3kg per 100m2

Overseeding rate is 2kg per 100m2

Mowing height from 20mm

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