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NZLA Reinforce Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

NZLA Reinforce Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

REINFORCE helps strengthen your lawn with its combination of silica, potassium and calcium.

The minerals in this liquid fertiliser help harden leaves to make them more resistant to stress.

REINFORCE can be applied directly to foliage when extreme weather is forecast, to protect and strengthen the turf before it's stressed by heat or frequent use. REINFORCE will also help keep turf consistent across your lawn.

Quick facts about REINFORCE:

- It combines high concentrations of vital minerals calcium, potassium and silica

- Helps plants resist pests, disease and environmental pressures

- Aids turf uniformity

- Strengthens foliage to better handle poor water quality

Application rate 50-100ml every 2-3 weeks prior to periods of stress.

Please note that it's normal for this product to be gloopy and slightly clumpy. Shake well before use as the product does settle in the bottle, add the required application amount to a small bottle add some water and give it a good shake before adding to tank.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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