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NZLA Nurture Liquid Lawn Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

NZLA Nurture Liquid Lawn Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

A base organic liquid with a well-matched NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) for growth. 

• A well-structured formulation with a stabilised pH and nutrients in plant-available form allows for optimal absorption straight through the leaf
• Added beneficial fungi that colonise the roots, reaching out to pull in water and nutrients
• Structured release curve of both nitrogen and potassium to meet plant requirements and keep N:K ratio ideal


NZLA NURTURE is a dynamic liquid fertiliser that activates plant growth and facilitates the release of nutrients trapped in the soil. Its blend of humates, kelp, beneficial vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and natural plant nutrients offers numerous benefits, such as:

• Enhancing root mass and promoting active root hair function
• Supporting plant recovery from common stress points such as drought and heat


NZLA NURTURE provides turf with a balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), carefully formulated with the exclusive VM3 organics and supplemented with VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae). VAM is a beneficial symbiotic fungi capable of colonising up to 80% of the turf’s root mass. The fungal hyphae produced by VAM extend further into the soil medium than the root hairs themselves, enhancing access to typically inaccessible soil nutrients. VAM also releases compounds that aid in dissolving elements that tend to form insoluble compounds, such as phosphorus and trace elements. Multiple studies have demonstrated the ability of VAM to enhance the plant’s capacity to recover from water stress.

Foliar Application

For optimum results, it is recommended to apply NZLA NURTURE at rates of 400-600 mL/100m2, combined with a spray mix volume of 2-5 L/100m2. Repeat every 14-28 days as required.

Mixing & Application 

NZLA NURTURE is particularly beneficial for turf establishment and renovation, and regular applications in sand profiles can help maintain vital soil nutrients near the plant roots. It can be conveniently applied using garden sprayers, fertigation units, or fertispray systems.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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