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NZLA Humic + Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

NZLA Humic + Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

NZLA HUMIC+ can be used as a foliar and/or drench to supplement a complete nutrition programme to enhance soil and plant health, particularly in sand-based root-zones. Shake bottle before use and use a spray application on all turf grasses and landscape plants to improve the soil environment. Apply in sufficient water to achieve adequate plant coverage at the minimum dilution rates specified below. In hot weather increase the dilution rates.

Light sandy soils: humic acids increase soil nutrient and water holding capacity by coating sand particles, preventing high water and nutrient losses while transforming unproductive soils into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. They hold water and nutrition at the root zone and provide to plants as needed.
Heavy and compact soils (clay): helps soil to loosen, creating looser crumbly soil, which improves the penetration of nutrients, plant roots and water into the soil; increases aeration of soil and water retention capacity; and improves soil workability.
Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production
Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable microorganisms in soil
Enhances plant’s natural resistance against diseases and pesticides
Stimulates root growth, especially vertically and enables better nutrient uptake
Increases vitamin and mineral content of the plants
Thickens cell walls in fruit and prolongs their storage and shelf time
Increases germination and viability of the seeds
Stimulates plant growth

Increases quality of yields: improves their physical appearance and nutritional value

Application: 50ml/100m² at a water ratio of 1:100

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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