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NZLA Elfin Tall Fescue (Lawn Seed) - - - [5kg]

NZLA Elfin Tall Fescue (Lawn Seed) - - - [5kg]

Elfin Tall Fescue quickly forms a strong dense turf and has excellent wear tolerance. With a reasonably fine texture, it has a very dark green appearance and performs well in shaded areas. Unlike our Ultimate Tall Fescue, it has a rhizomatous root system providing aggressive tillering and exceptional recovery from wear. This turf performs well across New Zealand in full sun and moderate shade. It's a great choice for a moderate to heavy foot traffic lawn.

NZLA recommends applying Starter Fertiliser at the time of seeding to give your new lawn the essential nutrients it needs. There's a huge variation in results from those who use Starter Fertiliser and those who skip it. Your lawn will struggle without the correct nutrients to feed it during establishment. Starter Fertiliser can be reapplied after six weeks if you have some left, alternatively you can then switch to NZLA All Seasons.

Irrigation: Elfin Tall Fescue is a particularly slow species to establish from seed, because of this it's essential to have irrigation on a timer or set up a temporary irrigation while this seed gets established. Keep the seed moist during the day by having the irrigation come on three to five times a day (depending on the temperature).

Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2

Oversowing: 2.5kg/100m2
Mowing height: Between 13mm and 76mm

What herbicides can I use on my ETF Lawn?

Use NZLA Etho to control some foreign grasses such a Poa and Summer Grass. NZLA Meso to control some broadleaf weeds. Etho and Meso can both be used at seeding as a pre-emergent or as a post emergent once the turf is 4 weeks old and been mowed a couple of times. The best general turf herbicide is Triumph Gold as it controls the most amount of common lawn weeds.

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