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NZLA Amino Liquid Lawn Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

NZLA Amino Liquid Lawn Fertiliser - - - [1ltr]

Putting NZLA Amino+ directly into the soil helps the tiny living organisms there become stronger. These little guys are essential for plants to absorb nutrients effectively. Plus, NZLA Amino+ encourages roots to grow bigger and healthier, which means plants can drink up more water and nutrients from the soil.

Spraying NZLA Amino+ onto the leaves helps the plant’s structure and metabolism and moves important minerals around the plant. This makes the leaves greener because they can make more food through photosynthesis. With more energy from photosynthesis, plants can grow better.

And here’s a bonus:

The new NZLA Amino+ contains 9% organic nitrogen, a type of nutrient plants love. It’s in a form that plants can use immediately, giving them a quick and recognisable energy boost. So, whether applied to the soil or sprayed on leaves, NZLA Amino+ is like giving plants a nutritious meal they can digest immediately.

For stressful periods, organically supercharges the plant’s natural defences.

• Increases nutrient availability in the soil and leaves
• Improves the turfgrass’ defence systems, making it stronger against heat and drought
• Enhances root growth
• Hormones designed to delay plant death from unfavourable conditions
• Contains biology that turns nutrients into plant-available forms


NZLA AMINO+ is a liquid organic complex designed to invigorate and assist turf during times of challenging growth. It incorporates a rich concentration of amino acids sourced from plants, along with beneficial microbes, humic and fulvic acid, kelp, and carbohydrates. This synergistic blend amplifies soil biology, increases soil carbon, promotes plant growth, and facilitates the decomposition of organic matter.

Foliar Application

AMINO+ can be applied as a foliar application 200ml/100m2 in 2-5L of water. 

When NZLA AMINO+ is applied in an ample amount of water and allowed to come into contact with the foliage, it effectively delivers biologically active plant extracts deep into the cells of leaf and stem tissue.

Soil Application

AMINO+ can also be applied as a soil application 400ml/100m2 in 4-8L of water, followed by 3-6mm of irrigation.

When applied as a drench or lightly watered into the root zone of the turf, NZLA AMINO+ increases the availability of soil nutrients that may have been bound up. While root uptake offers some of the benefits observed with direct foliar application, it also stimulates microbial activity, boosts turfgrass root respiration, and enhances the overall health of the soil.

Mixing & Application 

For optimum results, NZLA AMINO+ can be foliar or soil applied. If applied to the leaf it should be applied at 200 mL/100m2, with a spray mix volume of 2-5 L of water per 100m2. If applied to the soil it should be applied at 400 mL/100m2, with a spray mix volume of 4-8 L of water per 100m2.

Repeat applications every 14-28 days as required.

Available in 1L, 5L and 10L pack sizes.

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