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NZLA Aerator Manual Corer

NZLA Aerator Manual Corer

This NZLA Aerator is locally made in Christchurch using quality materials and welded by an engineer. The 19mm tines are imported from Turf Tines in Australia, and then the unit is sent locally to be sandblasted and then galvanized, followed by powder coating. This triple process means these units will not rust overtime. 

Do not compare these to cheap Chinese-made aerators like the Cyclone or other kitset aerators NZ companies sell. You’re getting an aerator built to last a lifetime!

The 3-tine aerator is ideal for aerating small areas where compaction may have occurred or for aiding water percolation where soil has become repellent, causing a dry patch. Run irrigation for 2-3 minutes before use to help soften the ground.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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