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Neem Tree Granules - - - [2kg bag]

Neem Tree Granules - - - [2kg bag]

De-oiled Neem kernel powder.

A fantastic organic soil conditioner for ornamental plants and gardening. Being natural it is compatible with soil microbes and will improve the soil fertility. It contains NPK and S in organic form which plays an important role in healthy plant  growth.  It improves organic matter content of soul and soil aeration for better root development and reduces alkalinity in the soil. 

Best for controlling several insect, pests, soil pathogens and fungi such as nematode, grass grub, root mealy bug, carrot fly and gall so it can minimize the need for chemical pesticides. It also repels slugs and snails. 

It does not harm earthworms, bees or pet animals. 



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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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