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Natural Paving Path BLACK - (800 x 1200 x 26 mm)

Natural Paving Path BLACK - (800 x 1200 x 26 mm)

Stabilises paths, patios and driveways

Path grade is ideal for enriching patios, paths, or garden areas around your home. With Path Grade, lawnmowers, barbecues, and wheelie bins will roll smoothly over your pebbled areas! 

Along with elegant design, a unique feature of these pavers is the permeable geotextile backing attached to the base. Ensuring pebbles do not get caught under the pavers, the permeable material allows excess water to disperse into the ground beneath, preventing puddles and maintaining a rut free, safe surface. This also acts as a suitable weed mat, which means you’ll be free to simply enjoy your new, freshly landscaped spaces. 

Create long-lasting pebble surfaces that will withstand any foot and light vehicle traffic.

Cell Size: 42mm diameter
Recommended Stone Size: 3-12mm

Max slope with: - 
Round pebbles 1 in 5 or 11 Degrees
Crushed gravel 1 in 4 or 14 Degrees

TYPE:Landscape Structure

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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