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Lawnboy Sprayer (20ltr)

Lawnboy Sprayer (20ltr)

Self propelled machines suitable for the application of selective weed killers, fungicides, fertilisers and pesticides to all turf/grass areas, paddocks, pathways and drives. There are no batteries, motors or engines, either a hose or pump provides spray pressure. This means that cleaning and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The liquid feed is delivered from the tank through spray nozzles at an accurate pre-calibrated rate.

One tank full will cover approximately 1,000 square metres. Great for larger lawns with less time spent filling and mixing spray.  Note: When your Lawnboy is not in use, the pump hose should be removed from around the wheel rollers and allowed to hang loose. This will prolong the life of the hose.

Garden Box Hire has them available for hire.


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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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