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Landscape LOCK concentrate - - - [20ltr]

Landscape LOCK concentrate - - - [20ltr]

Landscape Lock is an adhesive concentrate that is diluted with water and sprayed over garden mulches and pebbles. As Landscape Lock dries, the mulch pieces bond together securing them in place, even on sloping ground, during wind and rain and when using a garden blower to maintain pathways and garden beds.

Water merely permeates through the treated mulch to the ground.

Gardening becomes a pleasure when leaves and debris falling on to mulch or pebbles can be easily cleared; mulch stays in its place, off pathways and lawns. Sloping grounds and pool areas can now be mulched and gardens remain neat, clean and tidy with no effort! Landscapers and contractors will love Landscape Lock!

Coverage: 20ltr  200 -400m3


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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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