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Kindling Collector

Kindling Collector

Kindling Collector:

Simply wrap, cut and carry away. This simple solution will have your kindling cut and collected in under 15s...


  • Steel handle welded assembly, zinc plated, textured powder coated black.
  • Angular handle to deflect miss hits.
  • Handle body 2mm SPCC steel plate
  • Finger grip 2mm SPCC steel plate
  • Steel hooks 2mm SPCC steel plate, zinc plated, textured powder coated black
  • Tension spring 1.5mm spring wire, OD 15mm coil, 250mm length with full round loop at ends
  • Split rings 14-20mm, high strength
  • Cut proof fabric sleeve OD 40-50mm, 600mm long, stainless steel wire woven into black polyester or nylon fabric


  • Prevents pieces of wood flying off the chopping block.
  • No need to hold wood while cutting, risking fingers and hands.
  • Quick to set up.  It takes a lot less time to cut the kindling as you split multiple pieces at once.
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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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