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JAKMAT GEOCELL [400 x 585 x 43mm]

JAKMAT GEOCELL [400 x 585 x 43mm]

Why consider JakMat:

  • JakMat’s nesting and stackable design, as well as its light weight keep transport cost & effort low.
  • One pallet of JakMat allows you to cover a surface area equivalent to 7 heavy pallets of concrete pavers (45m2)
  • Easily handled and cut to size with standard hand & power tools
  • Variable in design due to different filling & shaping possibilities

The JakMat products main benefits are:

  • Design incorporates a strong honeycomb cell structure with an interlocking mat feature giving inherent stability and strength
  • Produced from recycled and UV stabilized plastic resulting in an environmentally sustainable and long lasting product
  • Easy to install and cost effective against alternatives Reduced maintenance (maintenance costs) associated with traffic/people/animal wear and tear and surface material replacement


Size: 400 x 585 x 43mm

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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