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GroWorm Flexible Garden (5m)

GroWorm Flexible Garden (5m)

GroWorm is the easy-to-use, fun-to-install alternative to raised gardens. Create green borders, flower beds or herb gardens to fit any shape or curve. Simply tie one end, fill with soill / Compost / potting mix by using the cardboard applicator supplied, tie the other end, then cut holes where you want to place your plants. GroWorm is available in a 5m length but can be cut to any length. 

GroWorm is a fun way to hide unsightly concrete haunching, line the bottom of fences or even to use as garden edging between your mulch, bark and grass. It’s a great way to spend time with the kids, giving them individual vegetable or herb gardens to learn how things grow

GroWorm is flexible. You can bend it to fit any shape you desire. The three-dimensional knitted fabric slowly filters clean water through, so it doesn’t need a lot of watering, making it a cost-effective way to plant veggies and herbs to supplement your weekly shopping.

Made in NZ

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