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General Purpose Cement - - - [20kg Bag]

General Purpose Cement - - - [20kg Bag]

General Purpose Cement is a premium Portland cement used in commercial, industrial and residential construction in New Zealand. It fully complies with the requirements of Type GP Cement in New Zealand Standard NZ3122:2009 TYPE GP – General purpose and blended cement.


  • High strength & dense: 1 part Cement, 2 parts Sand, 3 parts Aggregate
  • Paths & Floors etc: 1 part Cement, 2.5 parts Sand, 4 parts Aggregate
  • Plaster: 1 part Cement, 3 parts Sand
  • Mortar: 1 part Cement, 6 parts Sand, 1 part Hydrated Lime


  • Perfect for all kinds of building and construction projects such as paving, foundations, brickwork mortar and fence post footings.
  • General Purpose Cement can be used as a binder in a range of applications; Concrete, Mortars, Renders and Grouts.
  • It may also be used in general construction and civil engineering projects.
  • GP Cement Strength: 3 days/minimum strength of 34MPa, 7 days/46.7MPa and 28 days/63MP


TYPE:Landscape Structure

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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