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Floc Pouch of PAC - - - [1.6kg ONLINE ONLY]

Floc Pouch of PAC - - - [1.6kg ONLINE ONLY]

Floc Pouches can also be installed in areas where significant lag-time run-off exists to assist with the treatment and improve water quality. The active PAC (Polyaluminium chloride) powder in one pouch is the equivalent of 4.8 litres of liquid and discharge can be controlled by the positioning in the channel and associated flow.

It is important that you have a Chemical Treatment Management PLan (CTMP) in place prior to the application of floc as part of your compliance requirements

  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Highly effective in improving water quality for discharge
  • Highly effective in the right application, so always talk to the Cirtex environmental specialist to ensure the best solution for your project
  • As the chemical is discharged, the pouch volume visibly decreases, making it easy to identify when it's time to be replaced

TYPE:Silt Control

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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