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FilterPlus Geotextile Filter Fabric (1.9m x 50m)

FilterPlus Geotextile Filter Fabric (1.9m x 50m)

FilterPlus™, with its small roll size, it is generally used for subsoil drainage filtration and separation by preventing the intermixing of aggregates and soils in smaller applications.

Nonwoven needle punched geotextiles are manufactured from the extrusion of fibres which are then laid down on a manufacturing ‘bed’. They are then needle punched to entangle the threads resulting in a porous yet dimensionally stable product. Additional thermal treatment is then applied to improve the strength of the geotextile further. Due to this manufacturing process, nonwoven geotextiles are best used in applications of drainage, filtration, and separation.

Filter Plus is commonly used for subsoil drainage filtration and separation. It prevents the intermixing of soils and aggregates in smaller applications. Filter Plus is certified to meet Transit New Zealand F7 geotextile filtration requirements.

  • Approved geotextile.
  • Prevents soil particles from entering drainage systems.
  • Assists conveyance of water.


TYPE:Landscape Structure

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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