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Colour Shot - Jet Black

Colour Shot - Jet Black

Rejuvenate old and faded mulch  to instantly increase the appeal of your garden beds.

To manage overspray on concrete and other hard surfaces, pre-wet that surface prior to spraying nearby. COLOUR SHOT will stain when dry, rinse any overspray immediately, before continuing.
• Shake concentrate well each time before use
• Dilute 50ml concentrate per litre of clean water
• Apply using any pump action garden pressure sprayer
• Shake spray bottle well after mixing and hold tip of spray nozzle close to the ground
• Rinse spray bottle and nozzle immediately after use
• Apply in 2 light coats, do not over apply
• Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat, perpendicular to the first
• Colour dries quickly, but allow 24 hours to fully cure
• Allow to cure before locking mulch into place with LANDSCAPE LOCK Mulch Lock
COLOUR SHOT will permanently stain both soft and hard surfaces, use gloves and avoid spilling on clothing
The buyer assumes responsibility for all risks and liabilities resulting from the use of this product.Our Jet Black Colour Shot is produced using carbon that will nourish your soil as the mulch decomposes.

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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