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Cemix Fastcrete Concrete (Rapid)- - - [20kg Bag]

Cemix Fastcrete Concrete (Rapid)- - - [20kg Bag]

No mixing required - just pour product in the hole containing the recommended water

Cemix recommends 2 x 20kg bags per post

Typical Uses: Letter Box Signs, small signs, low fence posts and temporary hold posts before topping with general purpose cement or Maxcrete.

15 minute set time

CEMIX FASTCRETE Post Hole Concrete is designed specifically for concreting in posts. It consists of a uniformly blended and proportioned mixture of sands, aggregates, Portland cement and admixtures, designed to improve the concretes performance. The bags are simply poured gently into a post hole containing the correct amount of water. 

Post Hole Concrete is designed to attain a compressive strength of 15MPa after 28 days.



• Residential fence posts

• Letter box posts

• Small sign posts

• Small clothes lines

• Non-structural decking posts

TYPE:Landscape Structure

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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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