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Kiwicare - Weed Weapon - Preventer 200g Shaker Pack

Kiwicare - Weed Weapon - Preventer 200g Shaker Pack

 Long term prevention of weed emergence in flowerbeds, pots and other places

  • Will not harm established ornamentals and trees.
  • Ideal for use in garden beds and pots, around established ornamentals, shrubs and trees.
  • Controls common weeds, including hard to kill bulbous weeds, prior to emergence.
  • Suppresses weeds for long term control; up to 3 months.
  • 200 g covers 10 m² or approximately 110 pot plants (30cm diameter).
  • Safe for children and pets after watering in and left to dry.


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Note: 3 scoops = 1m3

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