Scarifier with Seed Box

Show your lawn some love!

❤️Show your lawn some love❤️
Autumn and spring are the best time to establish and maintain your lawns
Garden Box has all the products you need and great advice.
✅ TOPSOIL SCREENED – traditional base layer for lawns
✅ LAWN CONSTRUCTION MIX - use to build the perfect lawn. Mix of screened topsoil (structure), organic compost (nutrients) and specialty sand (drainage).
✅ LAWN TOPDRESSING MIX – a mix of fine organic compost and specialty sand which is soil and weed-free. Free draining, high organic matter used as the final 1-2cm layer to sow lawn seed. Ideal for establishing lawns or patching.
✅ LAWN SEEDS – expanded range and bag sizes available.
✔️ Scarifier
✔️ Turf Cutter (New)
✔️Lawnboy Sprayer
✔️ Lawn Rollers
✔️ Trailers (including 3 tippers)
✅ Kiwicare Lawnpro – we stock the full range of products include “Lawnpro Protect” and “Lawnpro Turfclean” for the control of grass grub and lawn weeds.
✅ Kiwicare - Lawnpro D-Thatch which dethatches the lawn by organically boosting the decomposition of thatch gradually over approximately one month.
✅ Lawn Fertilizer from 20kg for $29.95
"Create Better Gardens with Garden Box!"
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