Lawn / Turf Aerator / Coring (HIRE)

Lawn / Turf Aerator / Coring (HIRE)

New addition to our hire tools thanks to the team at OMC Power Equipment:

✅ Lawn / Turf Aerator - Ryan Lawnaire IV

Half Day $80 / Full Day $110 (includes a full tank of petrol)

Garden Box Hire | Work Smarter
Hire Aerator Corer Ryan Lawnaire  Aerator Corer Hire Ryan Lawnaire Back


Core aeration helps make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance:

  • Improved airflow with soil

  • Improved water and fertiliser uptake

  • Reduced water runoff and puddling

  • Stronger grass roots

  • Reduced soil compaction

  • Improved heat and drought stress tolerance

Self-propelled Easy Steer Technology, this aerator is even easier to maneouvre around curved lawn edges, trees and other obstacles.

Quick Specs

  • 19" aeration width (483mm)

  • 30x coring type formed steel tines 19mm wide

  • Coring depth up to 70mm

  • Aerate up to 2695m² per hour

⌚ Bookings are recommended – call 03 348 2915 or email


Watch this helpful video about Aerators before you start:

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