📢FEATURED PRODUCT: NZLA All Seasons Slow-Release Fertiliser📢

📢FEATURED PRODUCT: NZLA All Seasons Slow-Release Fertiliser📢

We are excited to feature products from our new supplier NZ Lawn Addicts. NZLA All Seasons Slow-Release Fertiliser:

40% readily available with 60% slow release up to 12 weeks.

✅ April/May is the last granular application for the season before moving to foliar feeding during the cooler months using the NZLA foliar range

✅The continued slow release promotes development of a strong root system.

✅ Contains 5% iron for deep green up of turf - ensure product is swept off paths and concrete to avoid staining once water is applied.

Application: 2kg per 100m2 follow up immediately with 5-7mm of irrigation NPK: 20-1.7-16.6 with 5% Iron


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All Seasons Fert - slow release

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